Viewing Incidents

I'm grateful to Zero Harm Workplaces for releasing their information on and the delivery on viewing safety by Dr Todd Conklin at the Business Leader's Health & Safety Forum.

Extremely thought provoking, with a lead to what has been my catch cry for some time now 'Properly analyse near miss'.

We are not robotic in the workplace so our workers are subject to lateral thinking in a way that makes them human. Dr Conklin's view on failing safely is excellent in the perspective of a broad range of near misses, fading to a group of minor harm incidents with no serious harm incidents to be seen in the middle background. Our handling of those near misses will inevitably affect how the workplace perceives H&S, everyone's behaviour and the company's likelihood of continuing improvement.

The emphasis on near miss is paramount. Without reporting procedures that remove the 'blame game', an insufficient register for decision making is creating a scenario unlikely to produce the most effective improvements in workplace health and safety. Report the sudden duck to miss the scaffold over a walkway; acknowledge the excavator bucket that stopped dreadfully close to a colleague's body; bring the uncomfortable feeling, encountered when stepping on that uneven surface, to the attention of Health & Safety.

Help us to help them work in a safer environment.