Regulatory System

There is an increasing number of options, available in the New Zealand workplace, for methods of ensuring better H&S; anyone reading this blog is accessing one of the many.

A recent email posted from Worksafe highlighted one of a competing number of construction industry leadership providers. This should be not be considered an endorsement for any provider in particular, as when questioned regarding fragmentation of H&S assistance at an upper level and the number of leadership organisations for the construction industry, a senior advisor for the regulator has replied "However, your questions would be better directed to the parts of the construction industry mentioned in your email. This issues you raise in your email are created by the construction industry by its own choices and practices and it is for the construction industry to resolve."

While having competition allows for depth of cross reference and multiple platforms for continuing improvement, choices can be confusing. The PCBU (entity doing business) is encouraged to question the suitability of the system that Company Safety Systems, or any other provider, deem necessary for their business. The WorkSafe advisor also provided the insight "HSWA as legislation is performance based and not driven by prescription, this is to allow for continuous improvement, innovation and to ensure that a business can manage health and safety effectively in consideration of its particular risk profile. We see ..........and others as sources of innovation and leadership to the sector not as a source of meaningless compliance or prescription.". A key word here is risk and were the compliance or prescription meaningless, the risk to the PCBU (of prosecution) or the workforce (of injury) would not be addressed.

Does your individual Health and Safety Management System allow

  • for a commitment to maintain safe work practices,

  • an indication of what/where hazards may lead to the risk of injury and what mitigation has taken place,

  • clear indication that process covering requirements in the HSWA are in place,

  • understanding by everyone in the workplace and

  • showing continual improvement over time?