Report Algal Blooms !!!!

The negotiations for discharge of treated wastewater into the SW Manukau Harbour are complete. Fortunately the mechanisms for understanding the environmental interactions have been bolstered but it stills requires the input from residents and resource users.

With few historic public notifications of nuisance algae in the harbour, there has been minimal study undertaken to access potential detriment. RMA requirements ensure stakeholders have questions routed to the requisite department.

Commercial or amature fishermen having there nets fouled in red weed, lines weighted down with algae or boats stained with excessive marine growth should flick a quick email to the Auckland Council. Likewise home owners troubled by the stench after weed washes to the beach. Swimmers should not be required to swim through weed while taking a summer dip.

Unfortunately if it remains unreported it will probably remain unsampled and the important information lost. Council can't have someone out every day "just in case" so please assist where possible.