Look Out Hill - Here We Come

Hello Taranaki!

After a couple of years staying on the stunning Awhitu Peninsular, our sights are now firmly on Mt Taranaki to which end we have purchased in Egmont Village. The move saw us finally ensconced late April.

The weather has been particularly kind with the first fortnight of winter remaining (unusually I have been told) dry.

This drier weather has allowed earthworks to continue with little sediment entering the rivers and streams. For those who have planned control measures in place - well done! The project will likely finish before the wet instigates a quagmire, ahead of schedule and remediation of earthwork will ensure an absolute minimum stress to the environment. Have these documented wins advertised out there to inspire others.

For those pushing on through the heavier weather, please look to identify the increased risks wet and cold bring to a site. Time spent planning up front will save grief further down the time line.