health and safety in construction

Helpful pointers for smaller enterprises starting with minimal assistance.

The first stop here is WorkSafe New Zealand. Their helpful team will provide a site meeting to help you out of a jam.

The New Zealand Safety System closely follows that of Australia, so work undertaken by the various states' WorkSafe can be extremely useful. Please note the terminology may differ and legal requirements stated there do not necessarily reflect those Statutes embedded in New Zealand Law. For generic templates and SOPs (SWP in Tasmania) I recommend visiting as well as their Safe Work Procedures.

QHSE Management Systems are not check box, this is more likely an audit tool only. Don't over simplify or allow the HSE to gain dust in a filing cabinet because the smaller company may not have a H&S adviser or manager; maintain an effort to ensure carry-over to the workplace. 

CSafety is concerned with ensuring the company as well as its workers are safe. Our systems are tools used to integrate safe work practices, that means minimal expenditure on the paper - maximum assistance with someone on the ground.

New Zealand's regulator, WorkSafe, has determined the workplace should have qualified safety representatives capable of assisting employees mitigate risk within the workplace. This level of safety helps reduce downtime which helps facilitate a balanced cash flow. Positive outcomes for smaller companies when taking on casual workers, upskilling employees or engaging a contractor can be realised if professional QHSE assistance is sought. Allocate a few hours a day, a week or a month.

CSafety will be there to help see safety. 

safety meeting in the workplace