Health and safety constraints

CSafety provides;

  • QHSE direction suited to the business that remains up to date and relevant,

  • time management and costing suitable for the size and nature of the business,

  • management plans and systems suited to small enterprises that can be audited under ISO45001, 

  • integration of policy and procedure into the work-place,

  • site visits that assist with providing excellence to your client,

  • maintenance of records required by the regulator,

  • development and delivery of training modules where applicable and

  • chairing meetings required to ensure consultation from the work front to management back to work front.

  • Investigate incidents to facilitate adequate  measures are in place to ensure appropriate risk.

What is on offer?
There are two sets of skills required when bringing about a better, safer and more profitable workplace;
  1. Availability of processes and procedures with which to provide a Management System capable of bringing growth to the business, and
  2. Resources to ensure the integration of this Management System into the workplace is successful in maintaining continual improvement.
Csafety has built a generic set of templates suitable for adapting to the requirements of small to medium sized businesses. This quickly fulfills the first requirement.
These templates use less time (less cost) so the integration may take place with optimum feedback from employees most effected by workplace requirements. Feedback flows to the PCBU.
Our service also manages the workplace integration and management to effectively cover QHSE inspections, meetings and reviews, training, records and continual improvement with time allocated specifically to the size of business and tasks performed. This service provides the second skill set particularly if your system is already existing.

CSafety is about adding value to your resource. SHREQ attends to the RISK consultation identifies in upcoming or ongoing projects, while the systems, processes, policies and procedures allow you and your team to repeat everyday tasks to;

  • Keep everyone safe so they can return home to families.

  • Streamline Standard (Safe) Operating Procedures (SOPs) to increase profits.

  • Minimise the risk of damage or injury which reduces overheads.

  • Eliminate adverse environmental effects which

    • creates a healthy workplace​

    • delivers an enjoyable work space

    • negates expensive remediation

Talk to us about creating or integrating your Management System into the workplace and/or environment.

Environmental Management Systems requirements for resource consents can include;

  • Sediment control for earthworks.

  • Site  control for optimal resource utilisation and remediation.

  • Storm and wastewater management.

SHREQ is a positive investment in;
  • The COMPANY,
  • The PEOPLE that keep the business running,
  • The wider support COMMUNITY and