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Company Safety Systems - About

If you are a medium to small company, include us as someone on the ground supporting the team for the time and controls that are "Fit for Purpose"

  • Utilising quality for management systems,
  • Mitigating the risks for identified hazards,
  • Emergency preparedness plans,
  • Safety meetings to ensure understanding,
  • Site inspections determining uptake,
  • Audits ensuring fit for purpose &
  • Documented follow up.
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Health and Safety, Quality & Environmental Management combine to create an integrated system leading towards an efficient workplace. Knowledgeable staff having the benefits of site inspections and safety meetings stem from this efficiency.
Allow CSafety to help you see safety.
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Integrated Management Systems
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Health &
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Site inspection
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Resource Management

Health and Safety

Individual Health and Safety Management Systems allow

  • for a commitment to maintain safe work practices,

  • an indication of what/where hazards may lead to the risk of injury and what mitigation will take place,

  • a ISO45001 system to provide a clear indication that process and procedures  covering requirements in the HSWA are in place,

  • Policies are formulated appropriate to the workplace, 

  • understanding by everyone in that workplace and

  • showing continual improvement over time.

Assessment of Environmental Effects

An AEE will allow

  • development of a site to

    • identify risk and capitalise on the opportunity for reward

    • enhance natural attributes,

    • mitigate H&S risk,

    • better understand building constraints,

  • feed into the QHSE Management Plan,

  • cost control measures for construction and ongoing usage.

Quality Control Measures

Quality is a measurement

  • in client satisfaction, 

  • for gauging understanding of work & task requirements

  • by and of systems within a company.